recent travels—Ortisei + Barga

⬆️ Taking in the spectacular views near Seceda after taking a cable car up from Ortisei

⬆️ Exploring Tuscany in and around the city of Barga

⬆️ Playing around with an app called ImgPlay that makes gifs or videos super easily on the phone. Normally I prefer to have more control by making my own in Photoshop, but this app works really well.

good problems—too much to post…

I haven’t been posting a ton on the journal as of late because we have been busy traveling—and—I’ve been wasting too much time on instagram. I’ve been playing with the idea of two accounts now, lol. One for more personal and designy / making stuff (@jarrederraj) and one just for type and textures I capture with my phone (@relentless_transient ). As I mentioned in a previous post, I had gone in and cleared over 7 years worth of stuff from my IG account. I was considering just getting rid of it all together—I still hate that facebook owns the platform. That said, I have moved into a mode of acceptance that there is a time and content price we all pay to share on these platforms if you want to connect with people—and nobody cares because they aren’t thinking about you the way you might think they are. I like to share stuff I make, it’s just who I am. So, for now I share.

In going back to my phone archive and reviewing the library of stuff I had collected from so many places I… 1) wanted to get it all in one place so I could make sure it didn’t get lost and… 2) wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested. It felt stupid to just have all of these images saved in a few different places on my phone for no one else to see. I decided to use the handle @relentless_transient as a nod to my first website from way back in the day. I feel the name is still fitting for my ridiculous all in or nothing attitude when it comes to sharing on social media. I suppose it doesn’t really matter who’s looking at it, but it feels good to know the images are there. The photos above were shot with my Panasonic LUMIX—I really enjoy shooting full manual raw with this camera. It’s easy to carry and I’m happy with the output. It’s hard to take a bad photo in places like this, but I did my best to capture the feeling of massive space and time you get when experiencing with your eyes. There’s definitely something special about the Tuscany region here in Italy. The light in the hills is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s also observed in the Prosecco Hills closer to us here in Polcenigo. The images of the Dolomiti further North speak for themselves—absolutely spectacular bordering on unbelievable to experience in person. Feeling very thankful for the opportunity to see and photograph these places. These photos are best viewed on a large screen (prob sacrificing a few seconds of load time, but oh well). Ciao everyone.

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