a winter weekend in foggy Venezia

As seen on a local instagram feed near you ☝️

yeah, there were holiday lights, but who cares

Amanda and I recently took a weekend trip to Venezia—it’s so amazing (and still unbelievable to us) such an incredible city is less than an hour from our home! When we left Polcenigo, it was bright and sunny, but as we approached the ocean we could see there was a pretty extensive fog bank. Well, we were only there for about 24 hours, and the thick fog was with us the entire time. I’ve never experienced Venezia like this—not crowded, cold, and of course, foggy as hell. It made for very special experience. Exploring an already dreamy city in the fog upped the dreamy-factor 10X. We saw a beautiful tree and lots of holiday lights—but who needs that when nature and the city are already putting on a much better show? Our favorite part of the city is around the Arsenale. There, you will find more green space and quiet residential areas. We happened upon a soccer (Calcio) match in the neighborhood park where we were staying. It just felt good to be out there floating on the edge (that was the sensation, at least) with other people in the fog.

🌫 + 🌨 + 🚶‍♂️