Tempo Di Recupero run time extended to three months

Another quick update post for the day: I’ve been posting lots of photo stuff as of late, but I wanted to take a moment to let the peoples know that my illustration exhibition, Tempo Di Recupero will now be up for three months instead of the scheduled one month at La Taverna Slow Shop and Bar here in beautiful Polcenigo, Italia. In case you missed it, I built a full process page that outlines the building of this show, in addition to my first show in this space. The first show is important, because the pieces in the current exhibition (Tempo) were built from audience feedback pieces I handed out during the first show. Complicated? Maybe a bit. Check it all out here. I’m honored that the owners, Tatiana and Diego like my work enough to keep it in their place of business, which as you can see from the last photo above is pretty much packed when it is open. Amanda, Pinotto and I (frequent clients ourselves) were able to slip in right when they opened a few nights ago so I could at least grab a few shots without alienating the clientele, lol. Case in point, there are three A1 sized posters (roughly 24”X36”) not shown above because people were already starting to come in and occupy the reading nooks where the posters are placed. The grid of six, A1 posters has a pretty commanding presence and can be seen clearly from outside the place, which I think is pretty neato from a designy scaling perspective. The illustrations are so scalable, they even work as 1.5″ buttons, which I made for keepsakes in case people wanted to take a piece of the show with them.

Unlike the first show (which I failed miserably to get good documentation phots of) I have planned to photograph everything before striking while they are closed. That said, there is something really nice about the space being full of people in the evening. As you can see, it’s small and the vibe is super warm. I like that these photos reflect what you might see coming into the shop on any given evening. And when I say evening I mean evening. It gets dark here pretty early in Winter (4:30ish Nov-Jan—eek) ….a-hem…anyways, folks in Italy don’t even come out for aperitivi until around 7:30—and dinner generally doesn’t happen until around 9 PM. This is tough for us—especially during the week. I guess what I’m trying to say here is the art is just a part of the whole social experience, and I like that. I’ve shown in many galleries and have always felt like a poser. I’m proud to have work in a pubic gathering space where people come to have a good time and stay a while. You may have also noticed there is a kid’s drawing taped up next to my work. The place has a whole wall where they hang kids’ drawings. I love that and am more than happy to share wall space. Gotta run for now 🏃‍♂️—alla prossima!