📸 I follow moto, moto follows me—Fanna Regional Enduro

Last weekend I headed over to the small town of Fanna, PN to see an FIM regional Italian Enduro event. I had a blast walking around grabbing shots of the action. The atmosphere was super laid back—the town of Fanna basically became the pits for the races. Everyone we super friendly and they had no issues with me roaming around with my camera. I was able to get close enough to get some pretty detailed shots with my 70-200mm lens (no press pass needed 😀). I don’t shoot action like this often, but it was a nice challenge. I’d love to go try shooting some more events. I grew up going to local / regional circle track races like this. It’s a vibe I really enjoy—and it feels the same in Italy as it does in the U.S. Just a short blurb for today—alla prossima.