van trip—002

Pula, Croatia–05/13/22–05/15/22

A long short weekend

A few weeks ago we had a chance to travel from Northern Italy to Pula, Croatia in our van. It wasn’t a long weekend, but Croatia is so close to us (just 2.5 hours!) we decided to chase the sun. We ended up in Pula, which is a little further South, but wow—how beautiful it was! We were extremely lucky to have sun all weekend and amazing time on the water. The van made it possible for us to visit / sleep in pretty remote locations a little to the South of Pula. The color palette and texture of the coast in Croatia is incredible and the Adriatic is super clear. The red soil reminds me of Western Oklahoma, although I don’t recall seeing groves of Olive trees near OKC. The vibe near the coast in Croatia is largely uncultivated, which we like. There are horrible waterparks here and there (A-hem Istralandia), but we found tons of wild coast and very little oversight. We stopped in Pula on the way home to see the Roman ruins and the experience was both very low stress (even driving a 6M camper) and mind-blowing. If you’re a person interested in Roman history, but not cool with crowds I’d recommend coming to Pula instead of Rome—of course, I still recommend going to Rome regardless—feelings be damned! Short post for today, but hope you all enjoy the photos and words, as brief as they may be. Ciao.

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