early Spring photo check: film

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Valencia, Spain ⬆️

This motocross shot from the Arco Trentino GP and this Ostrich guy from Slovenia where on the end of one of my Spain Rolls 😂

Local Late Winter Hike ⬆️

Another straggler on the end of one of my rolls from my last visit to Texas in December ⬆️

a random assortment of film goodies:

I’ve had this folder sitting on my desktop to post for too long now. They span from Texas, to Florida, to Slovenia, to Spain, to Slovenia 😮‍💨. It feels good to post them and move ahead. Lots of change and tough transition lately, but it feels like we’re getting on the other side of things. We made a local move and have taken on a lot more responsibility in terms of home care. More photos of that to come. Or no? To share or not to share. Some days I want to be selfish and keep it all to myself (or is it just fear?) and some days I want to share with everyone. I’m still thinking.

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