spring photo check: Tuscany + more Via Ferrata

cameras still active…

While we’ve been outdoors a ton this Spring, I haven’t been great documenting things with my camera. That said, I have managed to squeeze off a few nice frames here and there. These photos are from a van trip we took into Tuscany (La Pievuccia Winery / Agriturismo, Castiglion Fiorentino) and a Via Ferrata (La Ferrata della Memoria) we recently climbed with friends. Both experiences were incredible!

It has been a much needed rainy and mild Spring / Early Summer here—I’m super thankful for this after the extremely dry and hot Spring / Summer we had last year that totally drained many rivers and lakes. Unfortunately, some areas of Italy a bit south of us have had too much rain and dangerous flooding. I hope we have some stability moving forward, but who knows with how crazy weather patterns are these days.

I have some toy camera film in waiting I need to scan, but unfortunately my 10+ year old epson V500 scanner / negative scanner finally bit the dust. I’m in the market for a V700 when budget allows. The film will just have to wait until then. Enough for now…ciao!