Summer Climb: Ferrata Degli Alpini

⬆️ remnants of a military hospital, barbed wire and wood from World War I where the Italians fought the Austro-Hungarian Empire can be seen throughout the climb. Mind blowing.

Jarred Elrod, Photography, Italy, Ferrata Degli Alpini, World War I

it’s me 😀

epic views + history + exercise = fun

Amanda and I recently traveled through Cortina to Climb the Ferrata Degli Alpini for a second time. We had great weather and a fantastic overall experience. I still can’t get over the tunnels in the solid rock faces and debris, such as barbed wire and wood left behind from the First World War. During WWI, the contested border between the Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire ran right through this area. It’s impossible for me to imagine how people survived, let alone fought and built fighting positions in these extreme locations—especially in winter conditions. The suffering that must have went on is unimaginable. As I’ve mentioned in previous ferrata posts, WWI was the primary reason the Via Ferrata networks exist in Italy. If you are a person who likes exercise, heights, and history I recommend getting some ferrata gear and trying it without hesitation. Anyway, lots of photos and just a few words to share for today… more soon—a dopo